The Monday Memo: 9/05/2011


September 5, 2011                                                                                            DPT Class of 2014

Hey, Fellow (Totally-Awesome) 2014 DPT Classmates!

Thank you for everyone’s participation in the 2014 Officer Elections! We feel privileged to represent such a tremendous group. As your officers, we promise to operate to the best of our abilities and with integrity and professionalism as we work towards achieving the collective goals of our class. We also challenge you to take pride in what you’re doing! We’re at one of the best programs in the country, a position so many PT students can only dream of! We urge everyone to continue to demonstrate their personal dedication and commitment to this profession by holding each other accountable and to high standards. When those need help, we’ll help. When those need leaders, we’ll lead. Together, we can build on the prestige, reputation and excellence of Pittsburgh’s DPT program and achieve amazing things!

Mark Your Calendars!

• • •

Tuesday, Oct. 11th @ 3:30pm Scully Lecture- Justin D. Moore, PT, DPT, APTA Vice President In need of rehabilitation. A Profession’s value to society. Attendance is mandatory; come prepared to participate, business casual attire, more info coming soon…

Thursday, Oct. 13th @ 2:30 – 4pm Legacy Laureate- Paul Rockar, PT, DPT, MS, CEO Center for Rehab Services, VP ATPA Board of Directors Attendance is mandatory; come prepared to participate, business casual attire, more info coming soon… Friday, Oct 14th SHRS Alumni Events, Poster Presentation- attendance is strongly encouraged, meet other professions in SHRS, more info coming soon..Class Reminders

Friday: Cardiopulmonary– bring stethoscopes and watches to class • Friday: Research Methods– complete Introduction quiz by Fri. on CourseWeb • Friday: No Rounds (start Sept. 16th) • Friday: Patient Management– class from 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Event Reminders

Tuesday & Thursday: Clinical Affiliations begin- good idea to include the Pt. Mgmt Lab Competency Skills Checklist in portfolios!

Friday: Professional Pledge Ceremony– arrive by 2:45pm to the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, business casual attire, assigned seats, group picture and reception following ceremony


Mondays & Wednesdays: Musculoskeletal– always bring lab clothes and all instruments, Prof. Timko will randomly call Circle Drills and we need to be prepared!

Monday, Oct. 31st Merit Scholarship Application Due- Submitting one application will include you for consideration for all three of the scholarships that comprise the merit scholarships.

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