Donor Pledges $125M to University of Pittsburgh

The Pledge of William S. Dietrich II Is Most In School History

Christmas came early for the University of Pittsburgh! William S. Dietrich II graduated from Pitt and knows the value of education. He not only hopes to help lessen the financial strain on the university amidst state budget cuts, but also wishes the publicity will inspire similar acts from the wealthy. What other wealthy grads can we turn upside-down? Read the full story.

The Monday Memo: 9/19/2011


September 19, 2011                                                                                          DPT Class of 2014


“Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.” ― Aldous Huxley

Leaving Friday’s Interpersonal Forum, many of us felt like ignored facts. Why did it take an hour for us to hear our profession represented? Why did it take a 2nd year med/public health student, of all people, to stress the importance of our expertise? Why don’t people know who we are or what physical therapists do? It was degrading, humiliating, and completely unnecessary. Yet, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves as it all boils down to education.


During this period of transition for our profession into a DPT graduate degree and as the scope of our involvement grows, we must educate not only patients, but also other health care providers in our awesomeness (or… skill sets). It’s our obligation to demonstrate our expertise effectively with other professionals who aren’t used to working with physical therapists. They simply don’t know what we can do and they won’t know until someone tells them! Advocate for our profession and educate the doctors, nurses, pharmacologists, dentists, nutritionists, and all other providers on our specialties!


In the coming months, we will have plenty of opportunities for everyone to contribute and become involved. We can only earn the respect we deserve if we put in the work to deserve it! At least one thing is for sure; the DPT Class of 2014 will not be ignored!



Mark Your Calendars!

  • Saturday and Sunday Oct. 1st and 2nd Pitt-Marquette Soft Tissue Course This course will include taping techniques, structural integration, fascial manipulation, and FAKTR from some of the best clinicians in the country.

Class Reminders

  • Monday: Patient Management– bring tape measures to class
  • Monday: Musculoskeletal– Group 2 @ 1:00pm, Entire Class @ 2-3pm, Group 1 @ 4pm
  • Wednesday: Survey of Human Disease– Immune System Quiz due by midnight on CourseWeb
  • Wednesday: Clinical Ed.– Communication Quiz in class (know your PeopleSoft ID)
  • Friday: Research Methods– Quiz #3 due by Fri. on CourseWeb

Event Reminders

  • Friday: Group B Rounds– Includes everyone from Malacarne – Wolgat, from 12pm – 1pm in Rm. 4060
  • Friday: Apparel Order Forms Due– Make checks out to “Pitt DPT 2013” and please turn in your order forms to Lauren Rosso. In case you want to try anything on, the supplier we are purchasing them from is called Underground Printing. They are located on Meyran between Fifth and Forbes. They may be able to find a sample in their stock.
  • Saturday: ND Tailgate? Scavenger Hunt? Last good weekend for a while!


  • Remember, our first Basic Skills Competency in Musculoskeletal is coming up NEXT Monday. Make sure to practice everything we’ve learned so far because it’s all fair game!

The Monday Memo: 9/12/2011


September 12, 2011                                                                                   DPT Class of 2014

Ceremony Echoes Consistent Message of Program

Friday’s Inaugural Professionalism Pledge Ceremony marked the beginning of our professional careers. Guest speaker, Andre Heletsi, not only shared his appreciation for Pitt’s program but also stressed the importance becoming a life-long learner in order to pursue excellence. Despite graduating in 2006, asking critical questions and completing extra homework remain part of his routine. We are developing the skill-sets and habits that we’ll continue to rely on daily in the field. Early in the summer semester, the faculty challenged us to view the next three years as a professional program, not as a graduate program. This week, in the classroom and clinic, let’s carry ourselves not as practicing students but as learning professionals. Our careers have officially started and hopefully everyone is excited for the journey ahead!

Mark Your Calendars!

Wednesday, Sept. 14th @ 10am – 2pm Healthy U Fair“7 Dimensions of Wellness” at William Pitt Union Lawn- University of Pittsburgh has developed a special program called Healthy U to help students become more intentional about maintaining optimal heath. Students will be asked to “Commit to a Healthy U” and those who do will receive a free t-shirt and be eligible for other giveaways and prizes. It’d be great for our class to support this University initiative and attend during our lunch break! Wear your PITT PT Shirts!

Friday, Sept. 16th @ 7:15am Social Breakfast– come early to enjoy some coffee and bagels before class! Also a chance to hear about some fun upcoming social events!

Friday, Sept. 23rdClothing Sale Order Forms Due! Please bring to your clinic and ask around! Proceeds will benefit our class! Place money and order forms in Abbey Herrnberger’s student mailbox on the 6th floor or to Corrine Grubb in Rm. 6062.

Week of Oct. 10thDr. Kelly e-mailed everyone regarding the specifics of the Scully Dialogue Lecture and Legacy Laureate Session as well as other events. Please mark those dates accordingly.

Class Reminders

Monday: Musculoskeletal– 8am – 12pm AND bring in a $100 check made out to “University of Pittsburgh” to purchase instructional DVD from Prof. Timko

Monday: Patient Management– 1pm – 5pm in Victoria Hall Rm. 245

Wednesday: Musculoskeletal– Group 1 lab from 8am – 9am, Joint Lecture from 9am –11am, Group 2 lab from 11am – 12pm

Wednesday: Clinical Education– Communication Assignment

Friday: Research Methods– complete Quiz 2 by Fri. on CourseWeb

Friday: Patient Management– No Class

Saturday: Patient Management– complete Body Mechanics Quiz by Sat. on CourseWeb

Event Reminders

Friday: Group A Rounds– Includes everyone from Agrawal – Lehman, from 12pm – 1pm in Rm. 4060 (Group B Rounds start on 9/23)

Friday: Interpersonal Forum– Scaife Hall Auditorium #5 & 6, from 1:30 – 2:30, attendance is mandatory, reception to follow,


E-mails– Prof. Bise asked everyone to check their inboxes to make sure Evidence Express is working properly- this is the article push service we’ll be using.

Monday, Oct. 3rd General Scholarship Application Form Due- Submitting one application will include you for all eligible scholarships, submit to Arlene Smith in 6035.

Clothing Sale Order Forms!

Vital Sign Logbring to clinic and practice! Assignment is due Nov. 18th.


The Monday Memo: 9/05/2011


September 5, 2011                                                                                            DPT Class of 2014

Hey, Fellow (Totally-Awesome) 2014 DPT Classmates!

Thank you for everyone’s participation in the 2014 Officer Elections! We feel privileged to represent such a tremendous group. As your officers, we promise to operate to the best of our abilities and with integrity and professionalism as we work towards achieving the collective goals of our class. We also challenge you to take pride in what you’re doing! We’re at one of the best programs in the country, a position so many PT students can only dream of! We urge everyone to continue to demonstrate their personal dedication and commitment to this profession by holding each other accountable and to high standards. When those need help, we’ll help. When those need leaders, we’ll lead. Together, we can build on the prestige, reputation and excellence of Pittsburgh’s DPT program and achieve amazing things!

Mark Your Calendars!

• • •

Tuesday, Oct. 11th @ 3:30pm Scully Lecture- Justin D. Moore, PT, DPT, APTA Vice President In need of rehabilitation. A Profession’s value to society. Attendance is mandatory; come prepared to participate, business casual attire, more info coming soon…

Thursday, Oct. 13th @ 2:30 – 4pm Legacy Laureate- Paul Rockar, PT, DPT, MS, CEO Center for Rehab Services, VP ATPA Board of Directors Attendance is mandatory; come prepared to participate, business casual attire, more info coming soon… Friday, Oct 14th SHRS Alumni Events, Poster Presentation- attendance is strongly encouraged, meet other professions in SHRS, more info coming soon..Class Reminders

Friday: Cardiopulmonary– bring stethoscopes and watches to class • Friday: Research Methods– complete Introduction quiz by Fri. on CourseWeb • Friday: No Rounds (start Sept. 16th) • Friday: Patient Management– class from 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Event Reminders

Tuesday & Thursday: Clinical Affiliations begin- good idea to include the Pt. Mgmt Lab Competency Skills Checklist in portfolios!

Friday: Professional Pledge Ceremony– arrive by 2:45pm to the Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, business casual attire, assigned seats, group picture and reception following ceremony


Mondays & Wednesdays: Musculoskeletal– always bring lab clothes and all instruments, Prof. Timko will randomly call Circle Drills and we need to be prepared!

Monday, Oct. 31st Merit Scholarship Application Due- Submitting one application will include you for consideration for all three of the scholarships that comprise the merit scholarships.

• If you have something you’d like to add, change, or see in next week’s edition, please e- mail Matt at