Professional Pledge

Physical Therapy Professional Pledge

As I enter the profession of physical therapy, I solemnly and willingly pledge the following:

I will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals

and will provide compassionate care.


I will be trustworthy toward my patients and clients

and in all other areas of physical therapy practice.


I will place the welfare of my patients and clients above my own self-interest.


I will provide accurate and relevant information to patients and clients

about their care and to the public about physical therapy services.


I will exercise sound judgment, comply with laws and regulations that govern physical

therapy and will protect the public from unethical, incompetent and illegal acts.


I will maintain professional competence, continually strive to learn and promote

high standards for physical therapy practice, education and research.


I will respect the rights, knowledge and skills of colleagues and seek consultation

whenever the welfare of the patient or client may be advanced.


Thus, with this pledge, I freely accept the responsibilities that accompany

the practice of physical therapy.