Yoga, the Physical Therapy Killer?

Yoga Helps Treat Low Back Pain

A cheaper option for the wealthier

Here’s an interesting read in the Boston Globe drawing conclusions about yoga and it’s ability to treat low back pain. They site an RCT which compared hatha yoga classes to a doctor’s visit and medication in treating low back pain. The yoga group reported one-thrid less pain and 80 percent decrease in pain medications. The control group reported a decrease in pain of five percent and no change in medication use.

To conduct further studies, Boston Medical researchers received a $2.7 million grant . One study, which is currently ongoing, enrolled 96 participants in a four-month “yoga dosing’’ study that will compare once-a-week yoga classes to twice-weekly classes to find the optimum effectiveness. The classes are held at Boston Medical Center and community health centers.

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November 29, 2011 |

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