The Monday Memo: 9/28/2015

The Monday Memo

September 28, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Sibling Rivalry”


In any large family there is bound to be sibling rivalry.  Brothers and sisters vying for their parents’ attention, each wanting to prove themselves correct which means the other is wrong, and often leading to frequent bickering.  This is certainly true for my family, however, now that we have gone off to higher education:  physical therapy school for myself, and chiropractic school for my younger sister.


As would be anticipated, our schooling has led to more than a few disagreements between the two of us.  Our competition to impress Grandma at Christmas provides entertainment for the holidays, and my sister and I are no longer allowed to talk business at the dinner table out of fear of dividing the family over exercise dosage.  But for all that we challenge each other, we cooperate much more often.  We discuss how her “Applied Kinesiology” is another name for the “Free Muscle Energy” I use in my PT clinic.  We both manipulate/Grade-V-thrust-mobilize, and we both believe in the importance of the neuromuscular system in a patient’s homeostasis/quality of life.  Several times she has shared the material from her chiropractic curriculum, and I have done the same with my physical therapy coursework.  Each has its own reasoning behind its methodology and each is effective with certain patients/family members, but we both hope to have the same effect on our patients and improve their quality of life.


My sister and I disagreed on a lot of things when we began our respective educations, but the more we discussed our professions, the more similarities we found between physical therapy and chiropractic treatment.  Once we got past the idea that we were polar opposites, the idea that we were competing for our patients just like we competed for our parents’ attention, we were able to sit down like budding professionals and have a productive conversation.



-Michael Turnwald


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