The Monday Memo: 9/16/13

The Monday (Mid-Week) Memo


September 16, 2013                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS


“Game, Set, Trainer!”: Daves’ Exposure to the Pros

The break between my full-time summer clinical and start of the fall semester was not only a time for me to go home and watch the Phillie’s play terrible baseball, but to also pursue an opportunity in professional tennis. I spent approximately two weeks traveling with a professional tennis player to a tournament in Canada and then to New York City for the US Open. Rewind about three years and I couldn’t tell you much more about tennis than the scoring of a match. Prior to my return to Pittsburgh for PT school, I spent two years at the University of Tennessee working towards a Master’s degree while serving as a graduate assistant athletic trainer. My primary responsibility was overseeing the athletic training needs of the Men’s Tennis team, and assisting with daily treatment/rehabilitation of injured Football players.


During these two weeks, I combined a lot of the knowledge gained since starting physical therapy school along with my athletic training background. For the second year students, I also utilized many of the techniques Dr. Schneider discussed regarding soft-tissue massage during lecture last week. I also spent a majority of the experience developing an exercise program for various muscle imbalances and educating the athlete on proper technique.

Overall, this was a very humbling and motivating experience. It was humbling in the fact that I didn’t know much about tennis a few years ago and was now in the midst of the world’s top tennis players and physiotherapists. Also very humbling was returning to Pittsburgh and driving my beauty of a 2001 Saturn (complete with Knoxville, TN hail damage) after being chauffeured around New York in a Mercedes! On a serious note, I left New York City with a great deal of motivation and determination to continue increasing my clinical knowledge and skills to be able to achieve my goal of a career in professional sports.

Hail to Pitt and GO VOLS!
-David Colvin


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