The Monday Memo: 7/6/2015

The Monday Memo

July 6, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“The Most Intelligent You Will Ever Be”


The day before you begin graduate school may be the smartest you’ll ever be.  You’ve made it through your undergraduate education, you’ve made it through the admissions process, you’ve been working your full or part-time job and are most likely very good at it.  You feel that you have a solid grasp on your world and it is under control.  But the next day you begin your graduate education.


From the beginning, your graduate program shows you just how much there is to learn, how much you didn’t know, how blissful ignorance once was.  You have entered a new stage in your life that opens an entirely new world of knowledge and opportunities that will never cease to amaze.  There is so much to learn that you were unaware existed before that first day.  But you also discover the amazing opportunities this new knowledge can afford you.


And for all the lofty places your education will take you, isn’t it worth discovering that you might not be as intelligent as you once thought?  Isn’t it worth that sense of momentary insecurity, seconds of uncertainty, and even feeling lost for a time?  Isn’t the reward worth the challenge?  In order to move forward, you must first determine where to begin; the day you begin your graduate program, is the day you are shown how to get to where you are going.  Good luck on your journey.


SPOTLIGHT:  Congratulations to the Third Year Class on completing their comps, and good luck to the First Year Class as they enter their next round of testing!


-Michael Turnwald


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