The Monday Memo: 7/30/2012

The Monday Memo

July 30, 2012                                                                                                   PITT DPT STUDENTS

London 2012

The Summer Olympic Games are here and it’s impossible to ignore the inspiration they bring to all of us. Whether you’ve competed in these events or are just a fan of sport, it’s truly amazing to see how years of dedication, training and commitment culminate into these few brief moments of immortal glory. They serve as a reminder that dreams, no matter how big, can be achieved! As we approach the final week (or two-weeks for the 1st years) of our summer semester at the University of Pittsburgh, let’s be sure to believe in your training and finish strong! After all, isn’t that the advice you’d give our USA athletes?


Mark Your Calendars!!
  • Month of July – Renew your APTA Memberships
  • Wednesday, August 1st  Registration Open  for National Student Conclave in Arlington, VA (Nov 2-4,2012) REGISTER NOW!
  • Friday, August 3rd – Be sure to turn the following into Lynn  1) CI CIET; 2) Self CIET; 3) Clinical Site Evaluation 4) Benchmark Checklist
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