The Monday Memo: 7/21/14

The Monday Memo

July 21, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Jimmy V Award” 

At this past week’s ESPY Awards, ESPN broadcaster Stuart Scott was presented with the annual “Jimmy V Award”, honoring North Carolina State University basketball coach Jim Valvano. The vicarious and passionate Coach Valvano passed away after fighting cancer in 1993, and during that year spoke at the inaugural ESPY Awards. The now historic speech contains seven famous words that continues to resonate today.

“Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.”

Stuart Scott has been fighting a rare form of cancer since 2007.  His acceptance speech after being presented with the award praised the Jimmy V Foundation for cancer research, which has helped to fund numerous clinical trials. Scott’s most important message is that the fight against cancer is not one person alone. The help from countless benevolent people helps to fuel that battle. Without the support from numerous individuals, Mr. Scott explained, there would be no fight.

The value of help, whether it is a hug from a friend or an IV drug from a nurse, is priceless.  The emotional, physical, and mental support you give to a person, no matter how small, acts as the greatest fuel against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Please, spend 15 minutes watching the acceptance speech. Mr. Scott’s heartfelt and genuine words are moving, touching and inspiring.  Most of all, it shows the unstoppable willpower of the human spirit, and how every ounce of support is priceless.

– Jeremy Harris

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