The Monday Memo: 7/11/2016

The Monday Memo

July 11, 2016                                                                           PITT DPT STUDENTS

Promoting the Profession


Promotion of the physical therapy profession is of the utmost importance. On the first of July, a group of 16 Pitt DPT students educated over 150 high school students on not only the importance of physical therapy, but also how a physical therapist can steer their career in many different directions. Three separate hour and a half sessions were required to give the high school students of the Health Career Scholars Academy Summer Camp a taste of what physical therapy was all about. Starting each session, most of the high school students willingly admitted that they did not see themselves going into a physical therapy career. However, by the end of each session, more than 75% of each group inquired more about the profession and how they could continue to learn more.


With the Pitt DPT students demonstrating their passion for the profession, the high school students were able to receive hands-on experience and practice skills that physical therapists incorporate into everyday work. For instance, each high school student had an opportunity to teach their partner how to properly fit crutches and teach a “patient” how to ascend and descend stairs with the correct technique safely. Students were able to palpate each other’s collateral ligaments in the knee and learn how to perform varus and valgus stress testing. Students participated in an intense core workout to strengthen their “abdominal brace,” and in addition, tested each other’s balance through various exercises and pieces of equipment. Finally, the students downloaded an app on their phone that easily allowed them to observe their partners’ dynamic stability and break it down step-by-step to observe both proper and improper biomechanics. The Assembly Room at the William Pitt Union was filled with energy as the students gained hands-on experience while exploring the profession. Activity, education, and happiness were combined into one fun event that sparked interest in the physical therapy profession from the future leaders of health care. I am very proud of our class and the hard work they contributed to help the expansion of our profession. Hail to Pitt!


-Mike Thomas, DPT Class of 2018


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