The Monday Memo: 6/9/2014

The Monday Memo

June 9, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

“All Together Better Health”

This past weekend, some of the students in the second year class had the opportunity to attend the All Together Better Health (ATBH) Conference held here on campus at the University of Pittsburgh.  This international conference, the first of which to be held in the United States, brought together clinicians, researchers and policy makers from across the globe to discuss new strategies for the implementation of an interdisciplinary healthcare model.  This model looks at the integration of multiple healthcare providers, be they physicians, physical therapists, nurse practitioners, or nutritionists, working together to provide the best quality care to patients.

The most polarizing lecture I attended included a physical therapist from Texas discussing a pilot study he had been involved in.  This clinician practiced for 8 hours a week in an urgent care facility – he would conference with the other providers when a patient with a musculoskeletal diagnosis would present, and then intervene if they thought physical therapy was necessary.  Not only did they find meaningful results from the inclusion of a physical therapist in this clinic, they also saw this clinician as a viable part of the urgent care team.  My head was not the only one spinning in that room- it was plain to see that this extraordinary model of change could significantly impact the way we practice.

We often speculate what change needs to take place in order for physical therapy to improve as a profession.  What was evident to me this weekend was that there are practitioners across the country and the globe that have elected to be the change, and put those words into action.  As future leaders in the physical therapy community, the challenge is embodying the impact you look to make, like many of these clinicians have done, creating change by finding ways to fill in the gaps in practice, legislation, and branding.  There are professionals blazing the trails towards changing the healthcare landscape – it is now our turn to do more.

Kelly & Irrgang

Dr’s Jay Irrgang and M. Kathleen Kelly with their poster presentation during this weekend’s All Together Better Health Conference on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

~Jeremy Harris

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