The Monday Memo: 6/8/2015

Monday Memo

June 8, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Social Responsibility”

What is Social Responsibility?


This is the response that many Physical Therapy Students find themselves asking when first being introduced to the APTA’s Core Values early in their career. According to the APTA, Social Responsibility is the promotion of a mutual trust between the profession and the community, one that necessitates responding to societal needs for health and wellness. For this very reason, students from the Physical Therapy Department decided to create a Team Webpage for this year’s Walk to Cure Arthritis in Pittsburgh.


Our group of students attended the walk on May 31st with the intention of showing the community that we as young, aspiring physical therapists will be by their side while they are enduring the hardships that arthritis has brought to their friends and family. The Arthritis Walk gave many of us the opportunity to lend moral support to a community that we are deeply devoted to.


The first half of the day went as expected: we explored the different activities and booths offered by the Arthritis Foundation, and went off to walk with the other participants to show the community the resilience that lives within many patients and families suffering from arthritis. The second half however, was eye-opening, and an experience that I’m sure we all felt privileged to be a part of.


While walking back to the event center, we came upon an elderly lady who had just finished bidding farewell to her friends and was now slowly making her way towards the rear end of the pack of walkers. After realizing that she was a participant of the walk, we decided to turn around and tag along with her to ensure her safety. The walk ended up taking a little longer than expected for us, but her smile and sense of achievement after finishing was well worth the extra time spent.


Between the conversation and constant supervision, I realized that in that hot day, in that lonesome street, we were all the support this pleasant, elderly lady had. If we had not been there, who else would have redirected her rollator to avoid it from going over the sidewalk every 50 feet? How many people are trained to safely guard people while making it seem as if they are simply walking naturally beside them so as to not make them nervous? And finally, how many other people would have been able to pick up on the likelihood that she might suffer from underlying diseases aside from her obvious impairments, and consequently prompt her to assess how she felt with regards to her ‘sugar’?


At a time in which leaders of our field are currently doing everything they can to attain feasible Direct-Access to our clinicians, it is paramount that we realize the importance that this example can be generalized to. Just as that lady was solely dependent on us that day (save her water bottle and banana), our patients might present to our clinics in a very similar situation. It is our duty both to our profession and communities to be prepared to meet these important demands; letting either of these groups down is NOT an option.


-Carlos Darby


Spotlight: Pitt PT Students for raising over $2,000 for this year’s Walk to Cure Arthritis!



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