The Monday Memo: 6/25/2012


June 25, 2012                                                                                           PITT DPT STUDENTS

First Full-Time Clinical! FINALLY!

It’s strange but we all realized that finals week (4 written exams, 1 practical exam and a presentation over 4 days) was made to be so difficult that we’d actually beg to be released into the clinics despite not making a single dime! We have to admit, that’s one great strategy! Joking aside, the entire DPT Class of 2014 at the University of Pittsburgh is anxious to get back to the clinic. If the classroom is the work, the clinic is the fun. Yes, it’s going to be challenging in its own ways, but we all entered this profession to help people. Tomorrow and over the next 6 weeks, we’ll have the opportunity to accomplish that and more.


Dr. Delitto charged us to develop a performance improvement plan specific to the remainder of the summer. While we were certainly able to advance our plan over the past week, please take up the responsibility of being active in your clinical site immediately. Due to the abbreviated time we have, everyone needs to maximize the opportunity starting on Day 1. In addition, we’re planning on meeting on Sundays 5:00 – 7:00pm in Forbes Tower to practice our manual skills and discuss clinical cases.


Mark Your Calendars!
  • Monday, June 25th – First Day of Summer Clinical
  • Sundays 5:00 – 7:00pm –  Forbes Tower – Hands On Clinical Practice
  • Month of July – Renew your APTA Memberships
  • November 2nd – 4th – National Student Conclave in Arlington, VA – yes, everyone is going!


Class Calendar
  • Our amazing Class of 2014 Secretary, Jordan Mortensen, is carefully maintaining the calendar. Please check the latest class reminders and upcoming events on:



 Chad Cook – Differential Diagnosis September 15, 2012

  • Be on the lookout for updates from our classmates studying abroad!!
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