The Monday Memo: 6/22/2015

The Monday Memo

June 22, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Noah Galloway”

For so many people, the loss of a limb is catastrophic.  The physical and emotional toll it can wreak on a person cannot be put into words.  Often people initially feel that their lives will be permanently and irreversibly limited due to their loss.  And while they have undoubtedly lost a physical part of themselves, it is the duty of their family and their therapist to show them that it is just a step towards a new life and new opportunities.


Take Noah Galloway for instance.  Growing up a highly competitive athlete, Galloway joined the Armed Forces during operation Iraqi Freedom.  It was during his second tour that he was hit by an IED (improvised explosive device) which sent him into a coma for five days.  Upon awakening, he found that he had lost his left arm as well as his left leg.  The news was devastating, especially to a 23 year old that had to that point lived a very active life.  However, through all of his hardship and despair, he found a way to accept what had happened and look to what could be from that day forward.


Galloway took what many label a “disability” and turned it into his strength.  He put himself to work getting back in shape, learning to walk and run again.  Then he truly began to push himself.  Galloway worked from running laps to running Tough Mudders, obstacles and all.  With his one arm and leg, he has competed in CrossFit events and was even a finalist on Dancing with the Stars; even going so far as to earn top honors from Men’s Health.  Now a personal trainer and motivational speaker, Noah Galloway has found the light through the cracks of his once shattered world, and rebuilt himself as an inspiring figure for all those that lose a part of themselves to amputation.


SPOTLIGHT:  Congratulations to Arielle Berman, Nick Hamilton, and Becky Russell for completing their Olympic triathlon in Toronto this past weekend, and hats off to Carlos Darby purely for surviving his 70.5 mile trail run.  Way to stay be active PT’s!



-Michael Turnwald


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