The Monday Memo: 6/16/2016

The Monday Memo

June 16, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS


This past week, I had the opportunity to attend the House of Delegates and APTA NEXT in Charlotte, NC. To say that I had an unforgettable week would be a severe understatement. I can say with confidence that I have officially found my new favorite APTA National Conference. I experienced the continued value of making connections with clinicians that I have viewed as my idols in the profession.

I attended a programming session entitled, Face Into the Storm, by Alan Jette. I chose this session because we had been assigned to read Dr. Jette’s article for our Evidence Based Practice Series and I hoped that it would only add value to the content of that article. The lecture put into perspective the third year outcomes project that the Class of 2015 is currently undertaking. The significance of the data that we are collecting as a class is a demonstration of what our profession needs. We are moving towards a system where we will be reimbursed based on best practice. How do we determine best practice without measuring the outcomes of our patients based on the interventions that we provide?

One evening after conference activities, I headed out to enjoy what Charlotte has to offer and one of the clinicians that ended up at the same restaurant, as my group, was Chris Powers from USC. If you have ever picked up a copy of JOSPT, you will know this name. Dr. Powers is one of the leaders of our profession with biomechanics research and is a colleague of our own, Dr. Farrohki. He approached the group I was with and he immediately immersed himself in conversation with us. He offered such great perspective on residencies and mentoring.

My highlight of the trip was the Foundation for Physical Therapy Gala, where we were recognized for earning second place in the Miami-Marquette Challenge and our very own, Dr. Delitto, was the honored emcee of the event. It was the 35th anniversary of the Gala so they held a competition to see how quickly they could raise $35,000 with the attendees. It took only twenty minutes for clinicians and students to donate their money to reach the grand total of $35,000 dollars! That just continues to prove the recognized need for continued PT research and the willingness of the leaders of our profession to help move us forward!

Overall, the NEXT Conference was an incredible success and I cannot talk enough about the value of maintaining APTA membership and getting involved in our profession. I was given the opportunity to network with countless inspiring professionals, who wrote the textbooks and articles that we read for our classwork and who changed the face of physical therapy to continue to show the world that we cannot be left out of the ever-changing healthcare conversation. I can definitely say that my countdown for next years APTA NEXT Conference has already begun!

-Kaitlyn Bianco, SPT

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