The Monday Memo: 6/11/2012


June 11, 2012                                                                                                     DPT Class of 2014

Annual Conference in Tampa, Florida
#PT2012 #SolvePT
University of Pittsburgh DPT Class of 2014 at Annual Conference

Matt DeBole, Allison Karhoff, TJ Moore, Megan O'Connell and Eric Lehman - DPT Class of 2014

After attending the Combined Sections Meeting in Chicago earlier in the year, expectations were exceptionally high for the next conference on the docket- Annual Conference in Tampa. Despite the uncharacteristically rainy and overcast conditions, the conference was bright with 2,376 enthusiastic and excited attendees! The House of Delegates met in the beginning of the week, working through numerous Reference Committee motions aimed to strengthen the APTA policies and empower the profession beyond Vision 2020. Then, the conference officially started Wednesday night with a speech by the incredibly charismatic and legendary NFL quarterback (Pittsburgh Steeler), Terry Bradshaw! From the programming to the parties, the debates to the delegates and the brilliant ideas to the buzzwords, the entire three days was absolutely amazing!


Winners of the Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge

Pittsburgh, Winners again!!

Students and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh continued to impress by being the stars of the Foundation for Physical Therapy Gala- both on the stage and on the dance floor! For the 16th time in challenge history, the University of Pittsburgh raised the most money for the foundation; this year’s total was $50,000 (2nd place was VCU with $14,000)! In all, 65 schools participated and $240,201 was raise for physical therapy research!!!! The students also presented the Board of Trustees with a wonderful proposal aimed at raising more money by getting a greater number of schools to participate in the annual challenge. Plans are being made and details should surface in a few months.



In Tampa, there was a clear effort being made by the APTA and APTA Student Assembly to increase the utilization of social media for professional use. Along with that, the #SolvePT Day was a huge success! While many people pre-ordered shirts and received them at the ‘Pick Up Party’ on Wednesday, plenty of people were asking about them on Thursday. Armed with additional t-shirts to help spread the word, all of them were successfully handed out! We hope more people will join in on the conversation this Tuesday night from 9-10pm EST to debate: Proposed Payment Model.  Thank you to all of our classmates for supporting us from afar!


SolvePT Day 6/7/2012

Jennifer K and Matt DeBole sporting their #SolvePT shirts!

We are in an outstanding profession, one impregnated with passion, drive and genuine belief that physical therapy can touch the lives of every single person in this world. The faith is rooted deeply in the lives of our leadership, demonstrated by their willingness to donate $100,000 (Stanley Paris) in one night or by their willingness to write the Foundation for Physical Therapy to be the recipient of their estates when they pass. This combination of generosity and conviction is inspirational and moves all of us to think beyond ourselves. Hopefully the students who attended Annual Conference can bring back lessons from Tampa and provide professional rejuvenation for all those who were unable to join us.


Mark Your Calendars!
  • Before June 24th – Update your Certified Profile
  • Wednesday, June 13th – Neuromuscular Homework #2 due at 8:00am sharp
  • Monday, June 18th – Neuromuscular Written Final
  • Tuesday, June 19th – Growth and Development Final
  • Tuesday, June 19th – Leadership and Personal Development Final
  • Wednesday, June 20th  – Neuromuscular Comprehensive Exam
  • Wednesday, June 20th – Biomechanics Exam
  • Thursday, June 21st – Biomechanics Presentations
  • Saturday, June 23rd Pirates Game Tailgate / PPTA PAC Fundraiser
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In reference to using biofeedback on antagonist muscle, “You’ve got to melt that mother down!!!!”  -Dr. D.J.
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