The Monday Memo: 6/18/2012


June 18, 2012                                                                                                     DPT Class of 2014

Challenging Ourselves

Honestly, regardless of the number of times we are pushed to the limit through our curriculum at the University of Pittsburgh’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program, we always manage to overcome the challenge. Every professor in every class thus far has expected our best, and fortunately, they have lead by example through their passion, knowledge and love for their specialties. The Class of 2014 had five new professors in five new classes, each of them challenging yet inspiring in their own right. To get to where they are today, each one of them wanted to be successful as much as they wanted to breathe.

After last summer, we probably couldn’t have dreamed of taking on five classes within six short weeks, yet here we are. Without a doubt, we have proven to ourselves and to everyone else that we belong in this rigorous  program lead by our accomplished professors. Over the remainder of the summer, we will challenge our knowledge in a new arena, the clinic. Whether you are returning to a familiar location or are traveling oversees, remember how you have prepared over the past year to get to where you are. Let’s be sure to make the most of this short clinical and follow the advice of Dr. Delitto by taking on responsibility early. Believe in yourself you will be successful!!!

Mark Your Calendars!
  • Before June 24th – Update your Certified Profile
  • Saturday, June 23rd – Pirates Game Tailgate / PPTA PAC Fundraiser
  • Monday, June 25th – First Day of Summer Clinical
  • Month of July – Renew your APTA Memberships
  • November 2nd – 4th – National Student Conclave in Arlington, VA – yes, everyone is going!
Class Calendar
  • Our amazing Class of 2014 Secretary, Jordan Mortensen, is carefully maintaining the calendar. Please check the latest class reminders and upcoming events on:
Quote of the Week

 “Biomechanically  speaking, if you want to buy beer, buy two cases at once!”  – Dr. S.F.


VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please e-mail if…

  • … you’re interested in helping with the 1st Year Pledge Ceremony, we need 6 enthusiastic volunteers to assist in early September! Please let Matt know.
  • … you’re going abroad this summer and would like to write a weekly post about your experience for our website (THANK YOU, LAUREN B!)
  • … you’re interested in contributing something to The Monday Memo
  • … you would like to help the 1st years with a study session this coming Sunday!
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