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May 29, 2012                                                                                               DPT Class of 2014

Memorial Day


Memorial Day is a wonderful holiday. Along with celebrating the start of summer and pool openings with backyard BBQs and baseball, it also provides one special day for us to remember the one million men and women who gave their lives to protect the freedoms of this country. Through duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage, those servicemen and women exemplify the meaning of unwavering commitment and personal sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves.

American Flag

Today also provides a chance to personally reflect on the ways we can incorporate those same values into our own lives, both personally and professionally. As physical therapy students at the University of Pittsburgh, we are challenged to pursue the seven core values of our profession; accountability, altruism, compassion/caring, excellence, integrity, professional duty and social responsibility. As we prepare to welcome the Class of 2015 into our Pitt DPT Family, let’s all keep in mind the example we set and expectations we create through our own actions. Let’s continue to help each other achieve our goals and represent our profession in a way that would honor all those we are remembering on this Memorial Day.



Mark Your Calendars!


  • ASAP – Register for Fall Classes – remember to change Clinical Internship to three (3) credits
  • ASAP – Update your Certified Profile
  • Friday, June 1st  1st Year Orientation­ – we need student volunteers at 2:30pm Friday to speak with the new class! Are you able to do it?
  • Saturday, June 2nd  – 10:00am ­Arthritis Walk!
  • Thursday, June 7th  #SolvePT Day  



Class Reminders


  • Our amazing Class of 2014 Secretary, Jordan Mortensen, is carefully maintaining the calendar. Please check the latest class reminders and upcoming events on:



Quotes of the Week
  • “You know what it means when cows are lying down, right?”  -Dr. D.
  • “Okay, Mark, posteriorly rotate your ba…”  -M.D.





  • … you’re interested in helping with the 1st Year Pledge Ceremony, we need 6 enthusiastic volunteers to assist in early September! Please let Matt know.


  • … you’re going abroad this summer and would like to write a weekly post about your experience for our website (THANK YOU, LAUREN B!)


  • … you’re interested in contributing something to The Monday Memo
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