The Monday Memo: 5/25/2015

Monday Memo

May 25, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS


Anyone that has spent time in the clinic knows that there is a large portion of people, medical professionals included, that do not understand what physical therapists do or what they are capable of doing.  Often times it is the client coming in for no other reason than their doctor won’t let them get surgery unless they go to PT first.  However, it can be seen in referrals from multi-disciplinary professionals for cases of “leg pain” or “shoulder pain” or simply “modalities.”  It is not widely known that PT’s can possess Direct Access and see clients without referral, even though Direct Access has been around for decades.  Most importantly, we cannot take these things as an assault on our profession; rather, we must realize that these misconceptions are the product of lack of knowledge and naiveté.


Currently, there is a bill making its way through the Texas legislature that would give Physical Therapists greater allowances of Direct Access.  The bill is being fiercely opposed by the state’s chapter of the American Medical Association which states that PT’s don’t possess the knowledge or training to properly diagnose musculoskeletal disorders or identify red flags of more serious pathologies.  The AMA also claims that it is more financially efficient to see a PCP and acquire imaging prior to attending physical therapy.  However, both facts can be readily refuted with evidence from both physical therapy and medical journals.


This is a misconception that desperately needs to change, and we can all play a role.  Cooperation is key to changing the way that Physical Therapy is perceived.  This includes working with every type of healthcare professional as well as informing and educating the clients in the clinic about the benefits of PT.  Changing the way that Physical Therapy is seen by others is not a goal easily achieved, but it is attainable.


SPOTLIGHT:  Congratulations to John Schneider on the birth of his new baby boy!  And welcome to the incoming Pitt DPT Class of 2018 as they begin their professional education this Monday!


-Michael Turnwald


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