The Monday Memo: 5/21/2012


May 21, 2012                                                                                               DPT Class of 2014

Summer in Pittsburgh


At last, the brilliant sunshine and warm weather of summer has landed in the ‘Burgh, bringing us amazing weather over the past week. Obviously, the 75 degrees and clear blue skies send us running towards Schenley Park instead of Hillman Library, making it even harder to flip the switch from ‘worry-free relaxation’ mode to ‘study-everything information overload’. This past Monday was the hardest as most described it appropriately as the ‘Break Hangover’. After class from 8 – 3pm, we all had the intention of studying and preparing, but the majority of us went home exhausted, napped and felt insanely guilty about it! Hopefully, with that flushed from our systems, we’re ready to buckle down once again and be totally absorbed in our studies!



Mark Your Calendars!


  • After May 1st – Update your Certified Profile
  • Monday, May 28th  – Memorial Day – University Closed
  • Friday, June 1st  1st Year Orientation­ – we need student volunteers at 2:30pm Friday to speak with the new class! Are you able to do it? Social details coming soon!
  • Saturday, June 2nd  Arthritis Walk!
  • Sunday, June 3rd  1st Year Social Picnic ­– time TBD



Class Reminders


  • Our amazing Class of 2014 Secretary, Jordan Mortensen, is carefully maintaining the calendar. Please check the latest class reminders and upcoming events on:
  • You can even add those events directly to your own personal calendars on your computers and smart phones so take advantage of it!






  • … you’re interested in helping with the 1st Year Pledge Ceremony, we need 6 enthusiastic volunteers to assist in early September! Please let Matt know.


  • … you’re going abroad this summer and would like to write a weekly post about your experience for our website


  • … you’d like to become involved with a PT Public Awareness Campaign


  • … you’re interested in contributing something to The Monday Memo


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