The Monday Memo: 4/9/2012


April 9, 2012                                                                                               DPT Class of 2014


Change With the Times or Change the Times?


If you haven’t heard, schools like Yale, Brown, Stanford, Georgetown and UCLA have challenged the traditional pillars of the med school curriculum. Aiming to increase electronic learning, these and four other schools have incorporated smartphones and tablets into their course of study. Some programs even supply their students with the devices, equipped with the required applications and electronic textbooks, replacing conventional textbooks and materials. While mobile learning currently might be experimental, the University of Pittsburgh should continue to keep track of its development and progress, even looking for ways to incorporate its use to supplement our own classroom experiences. In the clinic, we are already witnessing the explosion of technology and the value of maintaining operational competence. With so much attention being given to cost and results of healthcare, utilization of Electronic Medical Record systems will continue to develop and be obligatory.


In many ways we, today’s students, are at a substantial advantage in terms of being able to quickly learn and integrate the latest technology to our benefit; we are tech-savvy! But, why wait until it’s required of us? Why not independently seek innovative ways to use social media and technology? Having YouTube as a guest lecturer and posting handouts on Facebook are great ideas; now, what other cool things can we do? How else can we be influential with technology? We have a choice in the direction of our future. We have the opportunity to change the times!



Mark Your Calendars!
  • Saturday, April 14th  SHRS Open House – Thanks for everyone who came forward to help!
  • Monday, April 16th  Cardiopulmonary – Written FINAL
  • Wednesday, April 18th  Neuroscience Lab – Lab Practical FINAL
  • Friday, April 20th  Survey of Human Disease – Written FINAL
  • Friday, April 20th  CIET Due – Final Evaluations from Spring clinic due
  • By May 11th – Register for Summer Classes



Class Reminders
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary – Optional Lab Practice at 12:00pm
  • Monday: Evidence Based Practice – Read articles prior to class
  • Monday: Evidence Based Practice – Research Project Due on CourseWeb
  • Tuesday: Survey of Human Disease – Osteoporosis Quiz due on CourseWeb
  • Wednesday: Neuromuscular Lab – Lab quiz
  • Friday: PT Rounds – Group A
  • Sunday: Survey of Human Disease – Arthritis Quiz due on CourseWeb



  • Tuesday: PPTA April Meeting – 7:00pm School for Blind Children, OaklandCaring for Patients with Newly Acquired Blindness with special recognition of the new Clinical Specialists
  • Please contact your ‘Little’ and welcome them to Pitt Physical Therapy! We’ll be planning on getting something formal together for their first weekend in town, but details have not been arranged just yet.
  • We need to submit our APTA membership list by 4/30/12 in order to be eligible in the Reach 100 initiative conducted by the Student Assembly Board of Directors!


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