The Monday Memo: 2/29/16

The Monday Memo

February 29, 2016                                                                           PITT DPT STUDENTS


APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (CSM)…welcome to the world of physical therapy. Held in Anaheim, this is a place where – as Walt Disney would say – anything can happen. It’s meeting the vice president of JOSPT at 6 am in the hotel lobby over breakfast when you’re still half asleep and worried you still have toothpaste on the corner of your mouth. It’s crying during a lecture session when you hear a story that changes your perspective on your future as a physical therapist. It’s dancing like a crazy person for the sole purpose of earning a t-shirt at an exhibition booth while scanning your name tag at every other booth in hopes of being the winner of a new Fitbit. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I am the next dancing queen PT idol or that I won even one of the twelve Fitbit drawings. CSM is what you make of it. What I made of it was one of the most fulfilling, enjoyable weeks of my PT career.


The night before the start of conference chaos, ten Pitt students crowded into a hotel room and did what all college students do when given an opportunity to travel to sunny California on a trip of a lifetime – hovered over the sessions schedule trying to decide which ones to attend or which sessions we were assigned as volunteers. Some of us who pursue a passion for running attended every session regarding rehab and posture optimization for runners. Others attended sessions on areas of therapy we never considered, such as dry needling. Days ended with which talks were interesting, or which ones blew over our heads. Some sessions even reminded us as Pitt students how well of an education we are being given by the university – with three of us gaping in disbelief that an article we had just analyzed for an exam was used to show supporting evidence in ACL rehab. The learning benefits from attending CSM came from both familiar concepts and engrossing ourselves in completely foreign concepts.


CSM is an optimal chance for students to understand their roles as physical therapists and what we want to eventually achieve as future clinicians. We believe all PT students should attend CSM at least once during their graduate school experience.


– Sam Gladnick, DPT Class of 2018


SPOTLIGHT: Shout out to our current students who helped out at Preview Pitt day! And another shout out to those who helped out the Mighty Penguins – way to represent Pitt! 


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