The Monday Memo: 2/24/2014

The Monday Memo

February 24, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

2014 Olympics

Throughout the television programming for the 2014 Winter Olympics, there was a series of commercials entitled “Trail Back” by Liberty Mutual Insurance.  The advertisements briefly chronicled a number of Olympic heartbreaks; Dan Jansen in speed skating, Mary Lou Retton in gymnastics, and the United States Men’s Ice Hockey team.  A brief flash of each athlete’s setback – an injury, a fall, a loss – was marked by a phrase from the narrator:

“The comeback trail: it’s easy to get lost here”.

Then the viewer saw their return to glory; each adversity now turned into a triumph.  The narrator spoke again:

“With every setback, there’s a chance to come back, and rise.”

In physical therapy, we find ourselves as guides on the comeback trail.  The lonely road back from a patient’s misfortune is wrought with more and more adversities.  Our job on the comeback trail is to push, to inspire, to motivate, and to give everything we can to help our patients succeed.

With every twist and turn of the comeback trail, we are there to keep a patient strong.  It is our duty to push them towards a strong and triumphant comeback.

Disclaimer: This should not serve as a plug for Liberty Mutual Insurance – but they did make one awesome commercial.

~Jeremy Harris


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