The Monday Memo: 2/20/2012


February 20, 2012                                                                             DPT Class of 2014



Every third Monday in February, our country takes a moment to recognize the birth of the first President of the United States of America, George Washington. Washington was a tremendous leader and admired by Americans for his patriotism, intelligence, foresight and selflessness. Though he would have turned 280 years old this year, Washington’s extraordinary qualities and legacy continue to set the bar for our current leaders.


As physical therapy students at the University of Pittsburgh, we do not have to search far to find outstanding leadership. The president of the APTA, Scott Ward; University of Pittsburgh Legacy Laureate, Paul Rockar; highly influential DPT program director, Anthony Delitto; and all other distinguished and passionate faculty with whom we interact daily are remarkable role models and mentors. While leadership is most evident in these accomplished individuals, it remains necessary at every level of the physical therapy profession, including in the clinic and classroom.


Each individual student in the Class of 2014 possesses a strength that can be admired and emulated by our fellow classmates. To delay your own personal development or contribution to physical therapy due to a lack of confidence, familiarity or desire is a true shame. We are in this professional program to challenge ourselves and strive for excellence. To borrow Dr. Rockar’s phrase, “Your legacy started yesterday.” What will your legacy look like and what are you doing today that would make Washington proud?


Mark Your Calendars!
  • Monday, February 20th Application deadline to be a student usher at PT 2012 in Tampa, FL More info:
  • Sunday, February 26th – Survey of Human Disease – Hepatic Quiz due on CourseWeb
  • Monday, February 27th Cardiopulmonary – Mid-term
  • Monday, February 27th Evidence-Based Practice – Mid-term
  • Saturday, March 24th – Mini-CSM – PPTA Southwest District
  • Saturday, March 31st First-Year Formal


Class Reminders
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Split Class
    • 7:00 – 7:50am (Right Side of Room) 6th floor computer lab
    • 4:00 – 4:50pm (Left Side of Room) 6th floor computer lab
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Scenario and question due
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary – Bring Stethoscope to class; Homework assignment due
  • Friday: Patient Management – Group reading assignments
  • Friday: PT Rounds – Group A
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease –Guest speaker Mandy Bell; business casual attire
  • Friday: Clinical Education – CIET Mid-Terms due- (1. CIET from CI; 2. Self-Assessment CIET; 3. Clinical Benchmarks 4. Site Evaluation if problematic)


  • Please join us Wednesday at noon in Rm. 6045 to hear the CSM-ers talk about their experience in Chicago! We all need to be there next year in Nashville, TN!
  • Sign up for the Mini-CSM hosted by the PPTA Southwest District
  • We need to submit our APTA membership list by 4/30/12 in order to be eligible in the Reach 100 initiative conducted by the Student Assembly Board of Directors!


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