The Monday Memo: 1/30/2012


January 30, 2012                                                                                          DPT Class of 2014

Help Isn’t Just For The Birds


Times are definitely tough. Our days are long and our daily planners are filled with to-dos, reminders and contain more ink and highlighter than white space. Tomorrow will begin the first trying week of the spring semester. It’s daunting and looking ahead doesn’t seem to help either, as spring break is still a long ways off. The easiest thing for anyone to do in these situations is to complain. Whining, being grouchy and offering nothing but negativity doesn’t help you or anyone around you! This isn’t easy for anyone and nor should it be. We’re at one of the best physical therapy programs in the country, and it’s ranked at the top for a reason.

          Attitudes, whether in the classroom or the clinic, are contagious (Dan and the Tufted Titmouse understand this)! Let’s make sure we’re aware of how our words and actions impact the mood of our environment. Stay positive and help your classmates stay positive too!! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and calm down! Remember, the previous DPT classes survived and so will you. Wonderful classmates and professors are surrounding you, willing to help you through the snags. Our class especially knows how to rise to the occasion and collectively come together. We can do it if we rely on each other. Just remember, that for every time you receive a helping hand, there’s probably a classmate next to you needing one in return.


Mark Your Calendars!
  • Monday, February 6th  Evidence-Based Practice – class cancelled
  • Sunday, February 12th Survey of Human Disease – Renal Quiz on CourseWeb
  • Monday, February 20th Application deadline to be a student usher at PT 2012 in Tampa, FL More info:
  • Saturday, March 31st First-Year Formal
Class Reminders
  • Monday: Cardiopulmonary – In Class Quiz
  • Monday: Evidence-Based Practice – Read Whitman Article
  • Wednesday: Neuroscience Lab – In Class Quiz
  • Wednesday: Musculoskeletal – Lumbar Spine: Oral Practical
  • Friday: Patient Management – PBL Presentations
  • Friday: Patient Management – PBL Evaluations Due
  • Friday: PT Rounds – Group A
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease – Guest Speaker, Sandra Enberg, PhD, CRNP; dress in business casual attire
  • Friday: Musculoskeletal – Lumbar Spine: Written Practical for those attending CSM or desire to take it early- by appointment
  • If you want to help out at CSM, the Sports Section is still looking for volunteers. More information here:
  • Little did I know the rabbit feet would help the team beat Georgetown… oops!
  • Picture above is Dan Collins and a Tufted Titmouse (oh, the power of the PittPT Band!)


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