The Monday Memo: 12/7/2015

The Monday Memo

December 7, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS


Student Perspectives: An Interview with a Member of the DPT Class of 2018


What led you to choose a career in Physical Therapy?

“I feel like it’s a unique healthcare profession – a rehabilitation bridge for patients traveling back into a better quality of life. I never quite had an “Aw-ha” moment . . . I’ve always wanted to be a PT. There are endless opportunities in the field and I feel like I will never get bored with my career. It’s also an active job . . . I can maintain my own health while empowering others to take charge of their own.”


Did anything in particular draw you to the University of Pittsburgh?

“Why the University of Pittsburgh? Well, I really came here for the vast opportunities in clinical experiences that I could choose from. There is a lot more freedom to work in the areas I’m interested in. The reputations of the faculty and program certainly gave me confidence that I would get the best education possible.”


What does your future Physical Therapy practice look like? Where are you? Who are you treating? What resources do you have?

“I really see myself working as a Neuro specialist. I would like to be in a setting where research is possible, high tech equipment is in reach, and novel ideas are stimulated and at the forefront of the physical therapy field. I want to be surrounded by creativity and non-complacent colleagues.”


How do you find Pittsburgh?

“Overall, I like the city. I would like to explore more of the cultural scenes and outdoor spaces.”


Advice for incoming students?

“Come prepared to work hard. Stay on top of your material. I’d like them to know that at this point, they will all be Physical Therapists. But it’s up to them how great they will become. At the same time, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Work out. Eat right. Take some down time.”


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