The Monday Memo: 1/27/2014

The Monday Memo

January 27, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

User-friendly? Try User-Obsessed

 In the TED talk below, engineer Krista Donaldson describes the ReMotion knee, an above-knee prosthetic that she and her colleagues were able to develop and market to amputees in underprivileged countries for a retail price of 80 dollars.  While the price itself is staggering, what is most compelling about the story is the model employed by her design firm in creating this prosthetic.  The first model was square and chunky, giving a sterile and machine-like feel to the new knee.  Over time, she saw its user creating modifications to the limb, to try and hide the stigma they felt by having an observable prosthetic limb.

What she created in that process was the ReMotion knee, and she considered her approach to its development a model of  “User-Obsession”.

Novel approaches to modern healthcare such as the one presented by Ms. Donaldson are groundbreaking in more ways than one.  The conceptual framework behind being a “user-obsessed” clinician means we are driven by the human element of our patient’s success.  If we continue to drive forward with the mindset that lives are improving under our care, we cannot go wrong.  The true nature of our care depends on individualized, patient-centered thinking.

In the end, our “obsession” with positive patient outcomes is the fuel behind doing more in our clinical practice.

You can find the full TED talk from Krista Donaldson below.

~Jeremy Harris


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