The Monday Memo: 11/9/2015

The Monday Memo

November 9, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Practice Makes Perfect”

Experience is an invaluable asset. It can set you apart from the crowd. It can give insight into situations and scenarios that could never have been anticipated or planned for. Experience can also be a very effective learning tool. Here at the University of Pittsburgh, much of the classroom didactic learning is paired with hands on lab sessions; the “do this” portion of the coursework.


Every course is designed to include task specific learning where the student will personally carry out the tasks that were reviewed in lecture. For instance, it is one thing to talk about working with medically complex patients in an acute care setting, and it is an entirely different thing to physically guard and maneuver an unstable patient with half a dozen tubes and lines to work with at the same time. Luckily for the patients, students are able to take advantage of the Cardiopulmonary lab with its mock patients, full assortment of life support equipment, and digital scenarios. With the mock ICU, any number of cardiac issues, pulmonary complications, and vitals abnormalities can be simulated to allow the student to experience a patient crashing or having a dangerous arrhythmia. This allows the student to learn from the experience and to be better prepared for such an emergent situation, should occur with an actual patient. Professor Hornyak and Dr. Hergenroeder recently received an Innovation in Education grant from the University’s Provost office to further study the use of simulation as a teaching tool, similar to how the mock ICU can be utilized to simulate patients. This truly gives meaning to the old adage that practice makes perfect.


-Mike Turnwald


SPOTLIGHT:  Thank you to all of the students that offered their time to help showcase our amazing program to our Chancellor and his guests, and thank you to our Chancellor, Patrick Gallagher, for the incredible opportunity!


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