The Monday Memo: 1/18/2016

The Monday Memo

January 18, 2016                                                                            PITT DPT STUDENTS


Volunteer Opportunity for Physical Therapists


Three Rivers Adaptive Sports (TRAS) is a local chapter of Disabled Sports USA. Disabled Sports USA has dedicated itself to providing opportunities to engage in recreational sports for people of all abilities. TRAS holds the same opportunities and vows “to promote quality of life, education and to provide quality year-round sports and recreation opportunities for people with disabilities, their families and friends.”


During the winter seasons, TRAS provides equipment and instruction for those interested in learning how to ski or snowboard at Hidden Valley and Seven Springs. Students are accompanied by TRAS volunteers and Ski instructors who assist the students throughout their experience on the mountain. It’s a great way to get outside for the day and participate in a great organization. TRAS was recently recognized by the U.S. Paralympics for its value in supporting all people and encouraging them to participate in community based activities: Most people with physical or visual disabilities don’t have the chance to participate in regular sports activities. By partnering with community and national organizations across the country, U.S. Paralympics is working hard to expand these opportunities. Starting with official Paralympic Sport Clubs, a network made of hundreds of community-based programs, our reach is growing. Research proves daily physical activity raises self-esteem, helps individuals develop peer relationships, increases achievement, enhances overall health and improves quality of life.”


            Pittsburgh is very lucky to have such an organization. It’s a great opportunity not only for the students but also for the volunteers. As Physical Therapists, it’s a great learning opportunity to work with the adaptive equipment, critically think through alternative ways of moving, and engage with people outside of the standard clinical setting.


If you are interested in learning more about TRAS or becoming a volunteer, please visit:


-Molly Bachmann


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