The Monday Memo 11/28/2011


November 28, 2011                                                                               DPT Class of 2014


Let the Countdown Begin


What can we do in 19 days? If we were to start walking, it would take exactly 19 days to arrive in Austin, TX from Pittsburgh. If we were to watch 9.5 episodes of Seinfeld each day, it would take exactly 19 days to complete the series. If we were to pluck 5263 hairs from our scalps, it would take exactly 19 days until we were bald.  In the end, we could’ve arrived in a (Keep Austin) Weird place, watched a “show about nothing” or have very shiny scalps. Sure, this might be fun and entertaining, but is this the best use of our precious time?


We have 19 days remaining in our fall semester. Despite frequently wishing to be somewhere else other than Forbes Tower, we all continue to not only attend class, but also arrive early and leave late. We fully understand that being absorbed and committed to the DPT program holds the greatest reward for the expenditure of our energy.  With three of the hardest weeks remaining to conclude the fall semester, resist the urge to succumb to the stress, adopt a pessimistic attitude and plop in front of the TV. We’re better than that! In fact, the best part about the Class of 2014 is our collective ability to maintain optimism, support and confidence despite the obstacles ahead. Let’s continue to put out positive vibes and lend assistance to one another. We’ll conquer this challenge together and achieve so much more in these next 19 days!



Mark Your Calendars!
  • Thursday, December 1st   – Contact your Spring Clinical locations
  • Thursday, December 8th  – Last day of Fall Clinical
  • Friday, December 9th  Research Methods– FINAL
  • Friday, December 9th  Patient Management– WRITTEN FINAL
  • Friday, December 9th  Clinical Education– CEIT and Self-Assessment Due
  • Sunday, December 11th Survey of Human Disease ­– Diabetes Quiz due on CourseWeb
  • Monday, December 12th  First-Year Formal­ – 2nd deposit due to Rachel



Class Reminders
  • Monday: Musculoskeletal – PBL Presentations
  • Wednesday: Survey of Human Disease – Guest Speaker Dave Wert (Endocrine/Diabetes) dress in business casual attire
  • Wednesday: Clinical Education ­– Patient Education/Motivation Quiz
  • Wednesday: Clinical Education ­– Guest Clinicians
  • Friday: Survey of Human Disease – Medical Terminology Quiz Due
  • Friday: Cardiopulmonary- Bring timer and stethoscope to competency check-off



Event Reminders
  • Friday, December 2nd : Ugly Sweater Party (and $10 max gift exchange)



  • PTGSA – Please accept the invitations in your e-mail to join the PTGSA if you’d like to become a member.
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