The Monday Memo: 11/2/2015

The Monday Memo

November 2, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Medical Interprofessionalism”


Six hundred healthcare students approach the University of Pittsburgh’s Scaife Hall. Upon entering, they are directed to sit in the large and grand auditorium where they file into the rows color coded according to a packet they are given. They apprehensively shuffle down the aisles approaching students of complimentary healthcare degrees. The crowd is silenced as a group of professors take their seats on the stage, two actors beside them.


The actors begin to exchange dialogue, playing a doctor and patient. As their conversation continues, the audience critically analyzes the ways in which their profession can assist the patient. The Dental students raise their hands to point out his ill-fitting dentures. Pharmacy students question the cessation of his medications. Physical therapy students comment on the patient’s inability to safely climb his stairs to his only bathroom, while the social work students inquire about his ability to access medical services recommended to him.


The dynamic interaction between the students facilitated enlightening discussions regarding the patient’s needs, services they’ll be able to offer, and general visions for the future of healthcare. This is the future of healthcare. Comprehensive clinics where professionals consult one another. Where patients can meet virtually all of their medical needs. It may be an idyllic dream, but it’s a necessary goal. One that promotes preventative medicine, patient centered care, and a supportive environment built by teams of professionals practicing at the top of their profession.


-Molly Bachmann


SPOTLIGHT:  Congratulations to the third year DPT students for completing their presentations! And a shout out to one of our third year students, Scott, for helping a struggling gentleman across the street.


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