The Monday Memo: 11/16/2015

The Monday Memo

November 16, 2015                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“A Learning Profession”

It is a certain type of person that embarks on the lifelong journey of being a medical professional. Whether it is in physical therapy, medicine, occupational therapy, nursing, etc., it doesn’t matter – each person possesses a desire to learn all that they can about their chosen profession. And this learning does not end with a boards exam; it is a never-ending process of continuing education that keeps everyone up to date on the most recent research and recommendations for best practice. Physical therapy is fortunate to have such a large collection of evidence-based treatments and protocols, as well as the ability to implement them into day to day practice. Recently, and most noticeably, this has been seen in the evidence that physical therapy is just as effective as surgery at treating some types of low back pain along with the recommendation to reduce or eliminate the use of passive modalities with patients. Evidence-based practice recommendations are essential for an effective and efficient clinic, but it is not always easy to find the most up-to-date guidelines or to learn a new skill set.


Thankfully here in Pittsburgh there are wonderful opportunities to receive cutting edge research in the profession from some of the brightest clinicians, as well as opportunities to get a few Continuing Education credits. The University of Pittsburgh’s team for the Pitt-Marquette Challenge, the annual student fundraising competition for the Foundation for Physical Therapy, offers several weekend classes throughout the year that provide current evidence for physical therapy treatment as well as skill-based seminars presented by experts from across the country. This past weekend, the team hosted a Tai’ Chi certification course, as the discipline has been shown to improve balance and decrease falls within the older adult population. Coming this spring the Pitt-Marquette team will host Chris Powers for a seminar on the implications and considerations of the kinetic chain in patella-femoral pain syndromes. Also, Pittsburgh’s Pitt-Marquette representatives will present a training course on therapeutic taping techniques and their subsequent indications. For future updates and more information on these terrific education opportunities, regularly check their webpage:


SPOTLIGHT:  Congratulations to all of the Pitt-Marquette Reps who helped coordinate a fantastic Tai’ Chi course this past weekend!


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