The Monday Memo: 10/28/13

The Monday Memo

October 28, 2013                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

National Student Conclave 2013


A Big Thank You goes out to everyone who attended this year’s National Student Conclave (NSC) in Louisville, Kentucky!  It was an honor that we had so many students there representing one of the best programs in the country! This weekend we were given the opportunity to network with fellow DPT students from all over the United States (and even Nigeria!) who were all so enthusiastic about this awesome profession and how we can make an impact in its’ future. Some of our top leaders in the APTA including Dr. Paul Rockar, Dr. Sharon Dunn, Dr. Kathy Mairella and Dr. Connie Hauser kicked off the events on Thursday evening with motivating encouragement for all of us as they stressed the important role we play as students in the forward progress of our field.

NSC - view

Throughout the weekend we were given the opportunity to attend cutting-edge lectures on a variety of topics, browse the enormous exhibition hall where we met employers, manufacturers, publishers and APTA special interest representatives, and got to meet and elect our newest leaders of the Student Assembly Board of Directors! A huge congratulation goes out to two fellow Pitt DPT students, Matt DeBole, who won the position of President, and Kaitlyn Bianco, who won the two-year position of Nominating Committee Chair-Elect! It says a lot about our program to have these two representing the APTA’s highest levels of student leadership and governing the student body of the entire country.

The take home message for all of us is best described by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing is ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Get involved, stay current on legislature and how you can play an active role in talking to our state leaders, attend a conference, go to a local APTA meeting, and take advantage of all the social media tools that our Student Assembly representatives work hard at to bring information to us at our fingertips.  This weekend taught me the importance of staying connected and showed me how we as students really can make a difference when we are driven and united. Our careers are upon us; I know the Class of 2016 has the enthusiasm to achieve greatness.

-Marcy Sparks

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