The Monday Memo: 10/21/13

The Monday (Evening) Memo

October 21, 2013                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

Celebrate! It’s Our Month!


The end of the month is nearing, but we still have time to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month.  As a first-year DPT student just entering the physical therapy profession, I was unsure what this month was all about and how we students could celebrate it.

We all chose to enter this profession because we know how great and rewarding it is and because we want to help others in ways only physical therapists can.  However, I’m sure I can speak for all of us by saying I’ve realized the public and even other healthcare professionals surprisingly don’t really know all that a physical therapist is capable of providing.  So, what better way for us to celebrate National PT Month than to spread the word about physical therapy?

With encouragement from President of the APTA, Paul Rockar, and the rest of the Board of Directors, let’s make it our goal to create opportunities to inform the public and other healthcare professionals about what physical therapy has to offer.  We can transform and expand the image of a physical therapist that is often in people’s minds from a therapist helping patients perform straight leg raises to one of a highly trained and skilled professional who has the knowledge base to understand a variety of areas of medicine and to become a client’s first point of entry into the healthcare system.  I know I’m excited for what we will have to offer as physical therapists, and now I’m even more excited about educating both the public and healthcare professionals so they can take advantage of what we will have to offer.  We can implement this public education by simply talking to our clients in the clinic or even just by sharing information with family and friends.  Also, the APTA has some great resources online, such as posters and board games available for members to use to educate the public ( There is also the creation of the Move Forward website specifically for public use and education (

Now is the perfect time to not only celebrate our profession with others but to celebrate us!  We all have worked hard to get here and are continuing to work hard to become these great professionals of whom the public should and will now be aware.  Let’s make the most of the remaining month, but continue with this effort throughout our time as students and as physical therapists in the future.

 -Natalie Novak

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