The Monday Memo: 10/20/2014

The Monday Memo

October 20, 2014                                                                             PITT DPT STUDENTS

“Thank you Dr. Arslanian and Dr. R. Scully!” 

This past week, the Department of Physical Therapy here at the University of Pittsburgh was honored to host the 20th Annual Endowed Scully Scholar Visiting Lecture, as well as the Regional Meeting of the PPTA.  The honored speaker, Dr. Linda E. Arslanian, PT, DPT, MS offered an extensive dialogue with students prior to her lecture.  The topic of both was centered around the use of proper outcome measures in health care, especially now as the field pushes from a volume-based to value-based model of care.  She raised the question of whether health care is placing its emphasis on the efficiency to see a quantity of patients versus the effectiveness of the care that is provided.  Her conclusion is that at the moment many health care systems are focusing on certain measures of performance that offer skewed perspectives of the true outcomes of care.  Through the expanded use of EMR’s to construct databases of treatment histories and easily accessible treatment outcomes, we will be able to improve our evidence-based practices, both as physical therapists and health care at large.

Stars of the Week: Keeley, Ashley, and Natalie for helping at the health fair this weekend with gait speed assessments!  Way to reach out to the community and show off your skills.

– Michael Turnwald

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