The Monday Memo: 10/14/13

The Monday Memo

October 14, 2013                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

Do More? Best To Do It Efficiently

 As a part of the Rosemary Scully Lecture Series hosted by the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Physical Therapy, the first and second year students had an opportunity to sit in on an enlightening panel discussion this past week.  Panel members included two prominent leaders in our department, Dr’s Anthony Delitto and Kathleen Kelly, as well as distinguished guest and lecturer Dr. Michael Johnson.  Dr. Johnson, a charismatic and articulate orator, is a major reason why direct access for physical therapists was able to gain traction in the state of Pennsylvania.  Throughout the discussion, Dr. Johnson’s message was clear: our profession must go above and beyond to ensure that we set the mold for our place in the future of healthcare.  Aside from utilizing the phrase “do more” multiple times in the discussion (though I am 150 percent positive he hasn’t read my blog posts, a guy can dream, right?), Dr. Johnson asserted the importance of working efficiently.  Seeing our patients in a timely manner, while still working our hardest to reach a positive outcome, will in turn help us to prove to other healthcare providers of the efficacy of our intervention.

How do we do more while doing it in an efficient manner?  We utilize research and evidence-based medicine; we look to dialogue with peers and mentors alike to guide our treatment plans; we see what works, and we use it.  The idea of working to our maximum does not mean toiling for extra hours when, if we utilize efficiency, the work can be done in half the time.  If we are to maximize the care of our patients and ensure their recovery, efficiency must be at the heart of our practice.

As students of physical therapy, we are all passionate about the impact we will make on our patients.  The greatest impact can and will be made by working smarter, not harder.

At the center of our quest to become quality clinicians is the need to do more, efficiently.  Dr. Michael Johnson made it clear that this idea is a major component to moving our profession forward.

~Jeremy Harris


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