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Safety in Youth Sports Act Becomes Law

PPTA Successfully Secures PT Role in Concussion Management

Governor Corbett, on November 14, 2011, publicly signed into law SB 200, the “Safety in Youth Sports Act”. I was honored to attend the bill signing as an invited guest representing the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association (“PPTA”).As you are aware, the PPTA was significantly involved in this important legislation from the inception of the efforts by the Legislature to establish safety standards focused on the education concerning, and the management of, concussions in interscholastic sports in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


The PPTA worked closely with both the Senate and House measures and the prime sponsors of these companion bills, Senator Patrick Browne and Representative Tim Briggs.Additionally, the PPTA worked closely with Senators Costa, Robbins and Wozniak for a key amendment to SB 200, maintaining the interests of physical therapist professional involvement in SB 200 before it left the Senate for action in the House.The PPTA gratefully acknowledges the involvement of Representative Richard Stevenson, who serves in a leadership role in the House Majority, in coordinating efforts to bring together differing viewpoints to enable SB 200 to be finalized in the House.Among other things, Representative Stevenson’s efforts assured that the important role of the physical therapist profession would be maintained in the implementation of SB 200.Representative Stevenson worked with the PPTA, Representatives Tim Briggs, Bryan Cutler and Senator Browne in assuring that there was final agreement to the language that allowed the movement and final passage in the House and concurrence of House amendments by the Senate.


Finally, I would like to thank you the members of this Association.  Once again, you answered the call to contact your Representative and Senator when needed over the past two years as this bill was being amended and finally passed. Your assistance was immeasurable. Thank you for your involvement and your membership in the PPTA.


Ivan Mulligan, PT, DSc, SCS, ATC, CSCS President, PPTA

November 26, 2011 |

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