Non-operative Management of Hip Dysfunction and Post-operative Management of Hip Arthroscopy

March 19-20, 2016

Saturday: 8:00am to 5:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am to 4:00pm

Registration begins at 7:30am

Location: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (exact location TBA)

Cost: $400

All proceeds from this course will be donated to the Foundation for Physical Therapy as part of the Pitt-Marquette Challenge


Sorry, but we are unable to issue refunds.

Course Description

This laboratory-intensive, two-day course will include topics related to both non-operative and post-operative management of the hip joint. John DeWitt, Assistant Clinical Professor at the Ohio State University, will be leading the course on March 19th, and Keelan Enseki, adjunct instructor at the University of Pittsburgh and faculty at UPMC Sports Medicine and Nutrition, will be presenting on March 20th. Current concepts related to the adult, sport, and special populations will be addressed.


Continuing Education Units

Direct Access CEUs : 0

General Access CEUs: 14

Total CEUs: 14


Course Schedule:

March 19, 2016:

            7:30- Registration

            8:00 – Introduction

            8:10- Overview of Sport-Related Hip Pathology and Differential Diagnosis

            8:30- Hip Pathology

            10:00- Break

            10:10- Pathology Continued

            12:00- Lunch

            1:00- Return to Sport Considerations

            2:30- Break

            2:40- Hip Pain Lab

            4:00- Case Studies

            4:30- Q&A

March 20, 2016:

            7:30- Registration

            8:00- Introduction

            8:10- Overview of Pathology Warranting Surgical Intervention for the Hip Joint

            9:10- Break

            9:20- Review of Surgical Procedures of the Hip Joint

            10:20- Break

            10:30- Current Concepts in Postoperative Rehabilitation of the Hip Joint

            11:30- Lunch

            12:30- Return-to-Sport Considerations for Postoperative Hip Rehabilitation

            1:00- LAB

            2:00- Review of Self-Reported Outcome Instruments for Postoperative Hip Rehabilitation

            2:15- Special Populations: Dancers/ Performing Arts

            2:45- Case Studies

            3:15- Conclusion Q&A

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