Monday Memo 11/27/17

Ode to Physical Therapy

Oh my back, its aches never cease

No solace is found while perched upon a chair

I bend or I twist, yet still I find no peace

I am unable to work or play, this is remarkably unfair

My doctor suggests medicines with unpronounceable names

Their efforts were formidable but no match for this torment

He proposed ice or heat, neither succeeded I must lament

It seemed I was out of options and my discomfort would remain

However, my pain and troubles found relief in Physical Therapy

Who knew movement and exercise could do so much to help me


Every time I pitch the ball my shoulder erupts in pain

I practice and lift, so why does it feel so tired and weak

I attempt to ignore these twinges but it is in vain

My endurance is waning and the rest of my season looks bleak

X-rays and MRIs come back unmarked by injury

These images say nothing is wrong, but I know better

I can feel the laxity in my shoulder, it needs to be stronger

My doctor knows what to do and who can answer my plea

A few weeks in Physical Therapy and my shoulder is like new

Without my PT, I could never have made my MLB debut


Boston, New York, and Chicago are a few of the races I’ve done

Marathons are my hobby, but I am afraid these days are over

Each mile means more hip pain, and enduring it is not fun

But I jog through the ache because I’ve always been a runner

However, after months of nagging I realize rest is not the cure

I visit my regular PT who promises my marathon days can continue

I need some stretching and strength training, and maybe new shoes

My PT made me stronger, decreased my pain, and was quick to reassure

I am back to running and will cross many more finish lines

All thanks to physical therapy and their essential guidelines


Everyone has aches anywhere from their head to toes

But it’s hard to know who can make them go away

With so many options, the question is “where should I go?”

You may think first should be a doctor, surgeon, or an x-ray

But that list forgets to mention a viable option

Your possible answer can be found in the subject of this poem

Physical Therapy may be the solution to your ongoing problem

There is no reason to prolong your pain so take some action

Schedule an appointment with your local PT

And hopefully their interventions bring you glee!


-Caroline Talda, SPT




November 27, 2017 |

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