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Pledging Our Support

The Log ‘N Blog for PT Research has just announced a way for team captains to sign up their program- and the University of Pittsburgh doctor of the physical therapy students are eager to get going! Now, the minimum pledge amount is $1,000 but at $10 for the minimum donation per user, getting 100 participants and exceeding that goal seems easy! We’ll probably shoot for something much higher just to set our typical lofty goals!

Team Captain

Every team, like the Log ‘N Blog said, needs a Team Captain and here is a description of the Team Captain role. Now, we’re still unsure who will take the reigns and lead our team as Team Captain at Pitt- but there is a lot of buzz surrounding this event. Looks like that by downloading, filling out and sending this form back to LogNBlog4PT@gmail.com, they will ‘pre-approve’ the registration process so that as soon as the website goes live, you can start building your team! Here’s the form for the 2012 – 2013 Log ‘N Blog Team Captain Letter.

November 9, 2012 |

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