Is John Daly An Expert?

Define An Expert


To be considered an expert, you don’t just have incredible command over a particular skill or cluster of facts, you also need to have significant experience using that knowledge. You must have the flexibility to apply that ability during problem-solving so that even without any pre-existing references, you can still successfully find a solution.



Experts are able to communicate their abilities well which builds trust between people. Saying you’re capable of doing something and failing to perform is a very quick way to ruin trust and your expert status.



Continually seeking out new methods, knowledge and solutions is inherent in experts if for nothing more than to simply stay ahead of the curve of ‘common knowledge’.  Staying curious allows experts to also test new solutions and think creatively when synthesizing new ideas with older ones.



Having confidence in your own ability, when warranted, also defines your expertise. Even with all of the experience, trust and curiosity in the world, you must have the confidence to act.


Are You an Expert? Is John Daly?

You decide!


August 1, 2012 |

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