Gerard P. Brennan: Management of Patients with Low Back Pain February 23, 2013

Gerard P. Brennan
Gerard P. Brennan, PT, PhD

joined by

Tony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Pamela Peele, PhD
Everette James, JD, MBA

Managements of Patients with Low Back Pain

February 23, 2013







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Course Objectives
  1. To understand the factors contributing to poor outcomes and compromised value in the care of patients with low back pain.
  2. To understand how the impact of payment reform policy as it relates to low back pain may serve as a significant opportunity for physical therapists within a health care team.
  3. To describe how the re-design of work processes in health care with advanced practice professionals, specifically physical therapists, will impact care delivery to improve clinical and cost outcomes for low back pain.
  4. To understand how variation in the process of care for low back pain results in poor outcomes and increased costs.
  5. To describe how the value of care can be improved by improving the process of care, tracking outcomes, and delivering care at the right time.
  6. To facilitate small group discussions that explore how care could be redesigned in your environment to improve quality.


Continuing Education Units

General Access CEUs: 6.5

Course Level: Intermediate


Course Schedule
8:00 Speakers: Tony Delitto, PT PhD and Gerard Brennan, PT PhDLow Back Pain: Can We Start to Get It Right? Overview of Epidemiology and Natural History
9:00 Speaker: Pamela Peele, PhD

What are Our Best Solutions in Moving Forward?

10:00 Discussion and Questions
10:15 BREAK
10:30 Speaker: Everette James, JD, MBA

Re-engineering Health Care with Advanced Practice Professionals

11:30 Discussion and Questions
12:00pm LUNCH
1:00 Speaker: Gerard Brennan, PT PhD

Low Back Pain: Can We Start to Get It Right?

2:00 Discussion and Questions
2:15 BREAK
2:30 Speaker: Gerard Brennan, PT PhD

What is Value in Health Care and Physical Therapy?

 3:15 Speaker: Gerard Brennan, PT PhD

Re-design the Care and Change the Focus: A Path Forward for Physical Therapists

4:00 Speaker: Gerard Brennan, PT PhD

What Can You Do Now in Your Clinical World to Improve?

4:30 END







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Gerard Brennan, PT, PhD:

Tony Delitto, PT, PhD, FAPTA:

Pamela Peele, PhD:

Everette James, JD, MBA


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