CSM Wrap Up Memo: 02/12/2015

The Saturday Memo – CSM Edition

February 12, 2015                                                                                PITT DPT STUDENTS


 That hashtag describes exactly how I feel after attending CSM 2015, my 8th conference since starting DPT school. CSM 2015 once again demonstrated the importance of developing a professional network and maintaining those connections. The conference started early for me with the component leadership reception on Tuesday night, where I was able to network with some of our profession’s most respected leaders. This event initiated my conversations with clinicians throughout the week that were thrilled and inspired by student involvement. As part of my role as the Nominating Committee Chair for the Student Assembly Board of Directors, most of my conference was spent attending meetings and talking with students in the exhibit hall, but I wouldn’t have traded that for the world. Meeting students who have caught the ‘passion bug’ is one of the best things about conferences. When students realize the voice that we have as part of this profession and association, I can’t help but get ignited with passion.

At the conference, there were a lot of conversations happening about membership in the APTA. Currently, less than 30% of physical therapists are members of our professional association. This number is staggering. Think of the things that we could do as an association if this number were doubled. Most people think about what value the APTA can provide to them, but what about the value that we can provide to the APTA as being members. It would only strengthen our voice as a profession to legislators and to other healthcare providers. Attending conferences ignited my involvement in the APTA and within almost three years, these conferences have more than demonstrated the value of APTA and what value I can provide to the association. With that, I have committed to staying a member for life and I challenge each of you to do the same.

In June, there is another opportunity to attend an APTA national conference in National Harbor, MD, entitled the NEXT Conference. As a student, these conference experiences are invaluable and I recommend that every student do their best to attend at least one conference during their DPT education. I guarantee that you will make unforgettable connections that will lead you to potential job opportunities, an incredibly supportive professional network, and lifelong friendships. CSM 2015 continued to reaffirm my love for this profession and the people that are part of it. My countdown to the NEXT conference has already begun. I will leave you with one quote that describes the feeling that reignites every time that I attend a conference.

“I get up each morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. “ –E.B. White

~ Kait Bianco, SPT, Class of 2015


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