CSM Wednesday Memo: 2/5/2014

The Wednesday Memo – CSM Edition

February 5, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

Pitt PT CSM Day 3!

Tuesday, day one of #CSM2014. Mosley, Butler, Irrgang, Childs, Fritz, and all the usual suspects. It started as a typical conference but the crowds who witnessed these presentations were blown away. Butler and Mosley helped us all understand that pain, though a personal journey, could be guided by a physical therapist. Dr. Irrgang created a decision making profile that will help us return our throwing athletes to competition with less risk of re-injury. But the final presentation of the day was by 2 Pitt grads and an economist out of Georgetown. All three showed that therapists, especially the good ones, provide excellent care, but the daily assault from chiropractors, exercise “therapists” and other so called providers of physical therapy services is a sometimes daunting task to respond to.

This task, though difficult, is made easier by the research of Dr.’s Childs and Fritz which clearly shows the value of physical therapy. The continued proliferation of POPTS is only confirmation of the poor value contained in the current model. Despite the fact that we utilize less resources and have better outcomes than opioids, injections and surgery we continue to be a second tier provider. Childs and Fritz, in not so many words advocate the need for physical therapists to fill the void and lead the charge for value based intervention.

The challenge is not providing the care but creating the opportunity for that care to be delivered. The current “value” window is open but quickly closing. As a profession we all see the need for evidence based care. It’s time now to take advantage of the opportunity in front of us and come together as a whole to meet the need of the greater population and show our value and worth. Today we were shown a new model for success. It’s time we embrace this model and drive the profession forward instead of reacting to changes imposed upon us.



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