CSM Thursday Memo: 2/6/2014

The Thursday Memo – CSM Edition

February 6, 2014                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

Pitt PT CSM Day 4!

To borrow a cliché, I would say that the phrase “like a kid in a candy store” applies very accurately to my first experience at CSM.

As a CSM first-timer, I have been mystified, intrigued and encouraged by every lecture, poster-session, and exhibit hall presenter that I have come across.  Each day holds almost endless opportunities to learn a new treatment technique, see a brand new modality, and add knowledge on a new topic.

Never, however, have I felt like I have so much yet to learn.  Each lecture that I have attended has been presented by content experts in their respective fields, some of which who have literally written the book on their area of expertise.  The insightful and inventive questions that arise from the audience members are just as novel and fascinating; each experienced clinician often has a different spin on the presenter’s information, and have brought fascinating new perspectives to the lectures.

Each of these experiences does not come without an intense sense of motivation and inspiration on my part.  Seeing content experts and veteran clinicians alike acts like a fuel to continue learning, listening and appreciating.

One overarching theme that I have noticed from speakers is how much they each have to learn.  “The research is lacking,” they will commonly say, “there is much more for us to do” before the area of discussion is fully understood.  This statement, heard in almost every session I have seen, cements the concept of life-long learning as a physical therapist.  No matter how extensive your career, how many years you have logged in the clinic or how much research you have studied, there is still more to understand and to better your clinical skill.  I can gather that even at CSM 2044, that wide-eyed wonder to learn and better my knowledge base will still be present; luckily, I could start at CSM 2014.

~Jeremy Harris


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