CSM Saturday Memo: 2/7/2015

The Saturday Memo – CSM Edition

February 7, 2015                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

CSM Saturday Update

As a third year DPT student reflecting on my experiences at CSM thus far, I realized I no longer attend CSM as a bright eyed, highly confused, overly stimulated first year student; I know exactly what direction I want my career to go, I know exactly who I need to make connections with, and I am highly interested in maintaining my involvement within the profession. I believe the events of Friday night and Saturday perfectly sum up all of these points for me.

On Friday night, I decided to attend the Private Practice Section networking event. Although I had always heard great things about this section from other students, I attended the event still on the fence for joining. Looking back, I cannot believe it took me this long to finally join the section, as one night at their event truly reignited my passion for physical therapy. Aside from my experiences while holding the position of president for the AAOMPT Student SIG, I had never seen so many clinicians who were so invested in helping students. A perfect example you ask? Not only did a physical therapist sponsor me so that I could become a member of the section, but he also encouraged me to contact him so that we could get to know each other better. The best part? I talked to this specific physical therapist for no more than 5 minutes before he decided to help me out. If that is not passion for your section’s growth, I do not know what is.

My excitement for the profession continued into Saturday where I spent most of my time visiting different booths in the exhibit hall. In previous years, I would go to all of the booths with the primary goal of getting as much free stuff as possible. This year though, I found that many of the exhibitors wanted to hear about my goals as a student and inform me how they could potentially play a role in achieving those goals. Additionally, it was the first time I could walk up to an exhibitor, tell them I was a soon to be new grad and had recently passed boards, and instantly became the recruited instead of trying to market myself as best as I could. As a soon to be new grad constantly worried about the “what’s next” question, this experience instilled a new found excitement for the next chapter of my life.

Overall, my experience at CSM has greatly changed since last year, but it could not have been in a more positive direction. I highly suggest all students to attend the event next year, and I cannot wait to see how my experience with CSM develops further in the future.

~ Melissa Dreger, SPT, Class of 2015


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