CSM Friday Memo: 2/06/2015

The Friday Memo – CSM Edition

February 6, 2015                                                                                       PITT DPT STUDENTS

An Incubator of Inspiration- Reflections on CSM 2015

Going in to my 2nd CSM, I had some definite expectations for the conference. I was ecstatic to learn, all the while engaging and interacting with some of the leaders in the field of physical therapy.  As a student with a significant sports focus, I had a number of conference sessions, receptions, and networking events planned.  Across the spectrum, at each event I attended, I saw that the most successful clinicians and researchers all had some major variables in common.  Each displayed a great sense of humility, paying definite respects to those who came before them but also to those who are driving the profession forward.  These individuals also displayed a great joy in what they do.  It was easy to get the sense from many that having fun with what they do drives their passion and interest, ultimately pushing their practice forward.  This was a remarkable thing to me; in many ways, our biggest focus comes to making our patients better, but the science of clinical practice must be paired with emanating a sincere joy in practice.  For so many reasons, I called this conference an incubator of inspiration; simply seeing the passion in so many clinicians is enough to make a profound impact on students and professionals alike.  I am not alone in saying that my CSM experience has fanned the flames of my passions; the countdown to CSM 2016 has already begun. ~Jeremy Harris


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