CrossFit Fundraiser

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Join us in getting your fitness ON… CrossFit style. There will be no prior experience required to attend this event. The goal is for everyone at any level to enjoy themselves, get a good sweat on, learn something new, and remain safe throughout the session. Oh yeah… and raise a little money for research. The experience will go as follows:

• 1-hour class
• Introduction
• General Warm-Up
• Learn to POWER CLEAN
• Surprise Partner/Team Workout

Price: 15$/person. Cash or venmo will be accepted day of.

ALL donations go directly to the Foundation for Physical Therapy.

If you wish to attend, sign up below! Spots will be limited to 28 attendees.
The class will be led by Pitt SPT and CrossFit coach Orlando Harvard.

Sign up HERE


February 4, 2019 |