Advocacy Update

Advocacy: Why you should be involved.

As students entering a profession influenced by federal and state legislation, it is important that we become educated in current issues regarding such legislation and learn to advocate for the best interest of our profession.  While laws and regulations may create a framework from within we work, we have the ability to make alterations and additions to that framework as we see fit for our profession through advocacy.  Only we, as physical therapists, are experts in the field of physical therapy, so we should be the ones involved in making decisions affecting physical therapy.  Not only are we as physical therapists affected by legislation in the way we practice and provide services, but our patients are affected in the care they receive and how they receive it, as well.  By becoming professionals of physical therapy, we have a social responsibility to advocate for access to and delivery of essential and appropriate rehabilitation services for the health and wellbeing of the public.

Getting involved is easy.  The simple use of social media, like Twitter and Facebook, and email can be the start of making a difference.  The APTA’s section on advocacy and the PT PAC have great resources to make advocating easy and possible for us students.  It is both our own and our patients’ future, and we can help guide and form it through advocacy.

Be sure to check out the advocacy section on the APTA’s website and stay tuned for more blogs discussing current issues to learn more about advocacy efforts and how to become involved!

Keep an eye out for more advocacy updates from Natalie Novak.

~Natalie Novak

January 29, 2014 |

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