A Step Towards a Preventative Role

Medicare to Cover Preventive Services for Obesity

Preparing the Landscape for PTs

Medicare will now include preventive services for obesity and can be provided by primary care physicians or primary care practitioners only (nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, or physician assistants) in primary care settings only. While this might not seem to impact the role of a physical therapist immediately, it’s certainly encouraging to see preventative care being covered. With childhood obesity rates rising at an alarming rate, it will take more than just a few disciplines to help curtail the pandemic.

Thank goodness we have the APTA. It is currecntly formulating a strong case with the necessary evidence data to demonstrate the potential value of physical therapy interventions in reducing both childhood and adult obesity. Please suppor the APTA’s strong efforts to advocate for inclusion of physical therapists in obesity prevention so that we are able to provide our expertise and contribute to the prevention effort.

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December 2, 2011 |

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